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"I volunteer as tribute!"

Deadeyes-star runs off of a very extensive database of information put to work by a whole lot of complicated computer coding. The site didn't build itself. People did! And because the site does not pull in any sort of income these people did so by volunteering their own free time and knowledge. If you're interested in contributing to our cause of making the most awesome database of J-rock there ever was then please feel free to take a look at open volunteer positions and apply!

* Though a staff member may have a main job role they perform no one is deadlocked into the position they apply for. If there are multiple positions you're interested in then please indicate so in the application. If you decide later on you'd like to try out a different role or contribute to more than one just let us know!
( And We're more than happy to write fancy letters of recommendation if you're doing this for job experience.)

​Open positions

  • ​Data Entry - This one is pretty simple. A data entry position entails entering band, artist and discography information into the main database for display on DS. No previous experience required. Since we do not allow pre-written information (like from wikipedia) to be directly copy/pasted word for word as biographical information, decent writing skills are required to make something coherent and grammatically correct based off of research done for each band.
  • Writer - Writers have a pretty far range. They may write articles about bands and their histories, reviews on albums, events they've been to (we're looking into the ability to obtain press passes), fashion or style trends, pretty much anything relevant to the site's interests. If writing is your main thing then we would appriciate examples of past work along with your application so we can get an idea of what sort of articles you'd like to contribute to the site. New writers with little experience to show are welcome but please explain what it is you'd be most interested in writing about.
  • Translator - We do not pump things through google translate here! We have real people dissect and translate Japanese material in order to assure our translations are coherrent and accurate. This role may include translation of song lyrics, interviews, foreign articles, etc. In your application please include a run down of your experience translating the Japanese language.
  • Developer - Do you love writing up hundreds of lines of crazy computer code? Great! We want you! Really, we do. DS is constantly growing and we're always in need of an extra web developer or two behind the scenes. Developers help build basic pages, create new modules, invent new user functions, set up new database systems and trouble shoot bugs. This role does require a good working knowledge of HTML, PHP, Javascript and MySQL. Codeigniter would be a plus. Please provide us with examples of your experience. 
  • Designer - The Design Team is responsible for the frontend of DS. Visually, how things look but also how they can remain functional and user friendly. Design work may include the creation of new user interfaces, graphics work using photoshop or adobe illustrator, production of functioning style sheets or even contribution in complete site design re-models. Knowledge of photoshop and adobe illustrator (or something equivalent), HTML5, CSS3 and basic knowledge on interactive designing required. Please be specific on your experience in this field. 

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If you have any questions for us on job roles select "question" below and add them the the comments section of the application.
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