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下山 (GEZAN)-vocalist マヒトゥ・ザ・ピーポー (Mahi to the People) has announced that he will release his second solo-album. POPCOCOON will contain 9 songs and will be released on March 5. It is a busy period for Mahi to the People and his band. Recently the band announced that they will release a new album and a collaboration album of their tour with tenniscoats. A video for his song PUPA was also revealed today.
January 14, 2014 18:40PST
A few days after the announcement of their collaboration album with tenniscoats, alternative rockband 下山 (GEZAN) has released further details about their upcoming album 凸-DECO, which will be released on February 5. The album will feature 11 tracks, of which 10 are announced, and the eleventh will be a bonus-track which doesn't have a name yet. The third track, 八月のメフィストと, will be a split-track together with 踊ってばかりの国 (Odotte Bakari no Kuni)凸-DECO- will be their first release after they changed their location from Osaka to Tokyo in the autumn of 2012. The band also released a new PV to go along with their announcement, and features the track 瘡蓋と爆撃機 (Kasabuta to bakugeki)


01. 瘡蓋と爆撃機
02. 共振
03. 八月のメフィストと
04. MAN 麻疹
05. ストリップチーズ
06. ぴかりのヒビ
07. あぶら無知の涙
08. 癲癇する大脳たち
09. となりのベジタリアン
10. 蒼白のとおく
and one bonustrack
January 3, 2014 23:54PST
Quite a strange combination but the hard, over the top sound of psychedelic rockband 下山 (GEZAN) and the sweet, low-voiced sound of avant-garde folkband Tenniscoats are releasing an album together. The bands announced their collaboration album ライブ in ザバン (Live in Banjaran) and will be released to a limited number of stores and will be on sale during their liveshows the following months. The album is the prodigy of their coupling tour いっしょツアー (tour together) in March this year and features a compilation of two of their shows. Besides these live recordings, the disc contains a few live-videos from this tour. A first one has been released and features ザバンザバン (Zabanzaban).

December 31, 2013 03:51EST