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It's finally ready! 2013 has proven to be an extremely productive year in getting DS back online. There have been big plans in place for DS since it was decided to take the site offline while under development. We decided to release the site in segmented updates gradually starting in 2014. Our current version lays a strong foundation for building up the mega database of our dreams and also puts in place basic user features that will be expanded upon as the site grows. So here's a look at what Deadeyes-star 1.0 has to offer:

The Band Database

Level one in our mega databasing project starts with bands. This section represents the core off of which everything else will be based so we had to get it right! We tried to include input for any and all basic information user's may be seeking about their favorite bands or things that might be of interest when discovering new bands. We're hoping this will be a great introduction to the extensiveness and quality we're looking to achieve in our profiles and across the entire site. All information is entered and written by a team of staff members, however users are welcome to contribute information to any section of the site.

User Features

We eventually wish for the site to be highly interactive so we have implemented the ability to create user profiles on DS. As of right now User features are fairly basic with simple public profiles, customizable profile styling, personalized avatars, shout box and the ability to comment on items. In future updats user abilities will grow greatly to help build a more interactive community and allow further customization, even the ability to keep track of your music library!

What's next?

As we said before, updates will be rolled out gradually over the next few months, each one offering something new to the site and for users. The second level for our database is expected to be ready in early 2014 and will include specific member/artist information for each band. Each member will have their own mini-profile as well as a timeline of band activities. After that we may move on to the ever anticipated discography database upgrade!
For now we still cannot say exactly which new user feature we'll roll out first. At this time we would like the community to develop a little to see what it is you guys find most important or convenient to have. Please don't hesistate to leave us feedback on this subject!
December 29, 2013 04:09PST

It's been about 5 years since we first discussed the idea of creating a massive database system. It doesn't seem like it's been quite that long. In that time a lot has changed, both with the directon of the site and in our own lives. There's been new relationships, re-locations, new careers and paths to follow. I guess DS kind of got lost under a lot of it. In a way I do believe the time and growth was essential in order for this project to actually come to fruition. Looking back, I don't understand how either Kai or myself would have been able to pull off something so large with our set of skills at the time. So even though it's been far too long, I'm still glad to see the DS project never died.

Now, so many years later, DS is in it's final stages of preperation before it will be open to the public once more. We've set a date and by December 30th Deadeyes-star will go live. Upon launch there will be stage one of the database up for full view with band listings and profiles. Shortly after launch we should be able to have specific member/artist info up. Then the ever anticipated discography section complete with song info and lyrics. It's often overwhelming to think after how much we've accomplished there's still so much to do. 

As far as other future plans there will of course be more advanced user options for browsing the site's content, saving it, community features and user interactivity. Once the important database features are complete we will have time to concentrate on media like images and video. In the meantime rest assured we'll keep ourselves busy pushing forward with new site updates as frequently as possible.

For anyone wishing to help contribute to the project please visit our application page

December 3, 2013 03:45PST