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umbrella is a black and white visual-kei band formed in March 2013 by ex. LOKI's Yui with the concept "An umbrella over your heart". Their music style is described as an alternative sound with sorrowful melodies and painful lyrics.



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umbrella formed on March 14th, 2010 with the original line up of 唯(Yui) on vocal and guitar, 尋(Hiro) on guitar, 春(Hal) on bass, and 秀(Syu) on drums. However, they didn't start performing until June of that year. They relesed their demo single 「Powdery Snow」 on December 17th at NAMBA ROCKETS. On June 18th, 2011 Hiro and Syu left the band, and their first mini album 「アマヤドリ」(Amayadori) was pre-sold at KYOTO MUSE. Amayadori was officially for sale on July 1st, and about 3 months after the release, on October 17th, all 500 copies were sold and and 300 more copies were made.

During October 14-19 the band won "Road V-ROCK FESTIVAL'11" and on the 23rd they performed at the Saitama Super Arena for "V-ROCK FESTIVAL'11". On October 30th support guitarist 柊(Syu)(ex. LAGING) joined as an official member. With Syu and their support drummer, Sho, they released their 1st Single 「五月雨」(samidare) on December 1st though Starwave Records. They then did a nationwide tour from April 20th to June 6th. Following that, on June 23rd they held their first oneman at Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE!.

The suport drummer 将(Sho)(ex.LIX) joined as an official member on August 24th 2012, and with the current line up they released 「モノクローム」(Monochrome), their second mini album on October 24. From May 16-28 umbrella performed for the first time overseas in Canada's Otafest and Anime North. After coming back to Japan, Monochrome's alternate version 「モノクローム」(黒)(Monochrome Black) was released on July 3rd and was the last CD released though Starwave Records before leaving the label on October 26 at their oneman in OSAKA MUSE.

The band competed in the 7th 華麗なる激情(Splendid Violent Emotion) for Visual BANG! ~SID 10th Anniversary FINAL PARTY~ at the Nippon Budokan, but unfortunatly only made it to the 3rd round at OSAKA MUSE before ending up in 2nd place.

On February 26th 2014, they will be releasing their 2nd single 「Knocking...」.

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