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  • 2000 - Present
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  • Active / Major [Label - Ki/oon Music Inc.]

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Formed by Kinoshita Riki in 2000, ART-SCHOOL has made quite a name for itself throughout the years. The band has released 9 albums, 11 mini-albums and 6 singles, and are still going strong.



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To pursue his musical ambitions, 木下理樹 (Kinoshita Riki) moved from Osaka to Tokyo in the summer of 1998. After releasing his solo debut album by the end of 1999, he decided he wanted to form a band. Begin 2000 he found the 3 members he needed and formed ART-SCHOOL. For a new band, it was a pretty productive year with 3 demo-albums during the summer and their first mini-album, Sonic Dead Kids, in September. A lot of publishers quickly acknowledged the strenght and the popularity of the band, and the band quickly got signed by EMI Music Japan. Their first major single, DIVA, was released in October 2002, quickly followed by their debut album, Requiem for Innocence.

The band kept on releasing stuff in such a rapid pace, and within a year later, they had already three new singles and a new album in the stores. Shortly after the release of their second album, Love/Hate, the band announced that guitarist 大山純 (Oyama Jun) and bass-player 日向秀和 (Hinata Hidekazu) decided to leave the band. The band was on the bring of disbandment and lost their relations with EMI Music Japan. This all changed when they found 戸高賢史 (Masafumi Todaka) and 宇野剛史 (Uno Takeshi) as the replacements. The band got back on their feet and Kinoshita Riki decided to sign the band under his own indie label, VeryApe Records, on which they released the mini-albums Scarlet and Lost in the Air. 

2005 was a year the band got picked up again by the major labels, as Pony Canyon offered them a deal they couldn't refuse. For their first album on this label, Paradise Lost, ART-SCHOOL travelled to Glasgow in the United Kingdom to work together with Scottish post-rock band Mogwai. On this album the band also closely worked with ACHICO of on button down. Kinoshita Riki would later form a band, KAREN, together with ACHICO and release 2 albums before disbanding.

The band kept on going, releasing multiple albums and mini-albums, up untill April 2009, when drummer 櫻井雄一  (Yuuichi Sakurai) decided to leave the band. Although he was quickly replaced by 鈴木浩之 (Suzuki Hiroyuki) It wasn't untill more than a year later when the band finally released something new. Anesthesia was released in July 2010 and it marked a turning point for the band to some degree. The band got less active, members appeared in more side-projects like killing boy, KAREN and COLD KITCHEN, and the band didn't release as much as before. Their style also changed throughout these last years and in december 2011 both Suzuki Hiroyuki and Uno Takeshi left the band, leaving Kinoshita Riki and Masafumi Todaka as the only members left. In 2012, the band changed labels again, and joined Ki/oon Music Inc.

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