Art Cube

| アートキューブ

  • 2007 - Present
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  • Active / Indies [Label - AC Individual Direction]

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Art Cube

Art Cube is a visual-kei band formed in 2007 under the theme of "Tribal Gothic." This band is essentially a continuation of the band Brain Hacker since 4 of the original 5 members were in the band. However, Art Cube's style, both visually and musically, is much more decadent than its predecessors with songs graced with symphonic soundscapes.

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Art Cube formed in December of 2007 in Tokyo as a change of concept from the band Brain Hacker. When they formed, they were signed under the Sequence Records label. While their concept is "tribal gothic," their sound is fairly diverse and dabbles in different forms of neoclassical metal, industrial, electronic, and rock genres. The band pays special attention to their image as well, ensuring that each costume set is diverse and reflective of the release they are paired with without having to use a generic visual kei style as a fallback. As an interesting tidbit, the band also has two pet snakes that are considered official members: RYUK and Princess REM. Both of these snakes can be seen in their very early promotional pictures. Aside from their reptilian friends, the band started off with four members: Z (vocals, also know as "Seth" in Moi Dix Mois and "Seiji" in his other bands), Y (Guitar), N (Bass), and M (Keyboard). 

The band's first release was on the Sequence omnibus SUMMIT 04 entitled "You're here...", released on January 30th, 2008. Shortly after, drummer S (formerly in The Piass) was added to the band's roster in February. On April 18th, the band hosted their first event entitled -GOTHIC NIGHT WAR- which featured bands such as Exist+Trace, The Candy Spooky Theater, and SaTaN. On July 23rd, Art Cube released their first official single entitled  砂の​華 (Suna no Hana) which also contained a promotional video for the title track. Shortly after they begun a tour to promote that single which ended in October of the same year. Before the end of the tour, they once again participated on a Sequence Records omnibus entitled Summit 05 with the song "A got confidement." Before the year was up, the released on more single on December 24th entitled 失楽蝶 (Shitsurakuchou) that contained 3 songs.

Starting on January 11th in 2009, until April 16th of the same year, the band embarked on another tour to promote their second single. Almost immediately after the end of that tour, the band participated in another, shorter, tour entitled Sequence Records x Zenit Music Factory coupling tour: “ -無限大∞感染-(mugendai kansen): infinite∞infection." On the last day of the tour, May 10th, there was an omnibus released by both record labels. The song "Blue Heaven" was featured on it. June 11th marked the date of their second one-man 『~鏡の中に映る瑠璃雨が奏でる虹~』, which also held a presale for their third single. Their next single, 瑠璃雨/虹化鏡 (rurisame/kougekyou), was officially released on the 17th of the same month. This single contained 6 (2 songs, 4 instrumentals) and was a double-A sided single. 

In October of the same year, Art Cube had a small tour in France. On October 11th, the released a European Edition of their colleciton album Luxurious Cube. This album was later released in both North and South America. On December 12th, they had a presale for their up-and-coming mini-album in honor of their 2 year anniversary. This release, 螺旋月(Razenzuki), was officially debuted on December 23rd, followed by a tour until the end of February to promote it. One tour was 「 Altar of the spirit 」, sponsored by UNDER CODER PRODUCTION and featured bands E'm~Grief~ and VII-Sense.

The bands next single came out on April 28th, entitled 花陽影~Petal~ (Hanahikage~Petal~) that released in two types: one with a DVD and one that came with a sticker. This single also had an event to coincide it's release entitled "Art Box" that featured groups such as L'eprica, E'm~Grief~, Kaya, and GPKISM.

Unfortunately, in May of that year Art Cube had its first member secession. While out for a walk, N suffered a heart attack.


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