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  • 1992 - 1998
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  • Disbanded / Major [Label - Atlantic East West]

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Deshabillz were a gothic visual kei band formed in 1992. They are characterized by their deep roots in the Japanese goth scene, their often eccentric, sometimes grotesque, imagry, and their uplifting guitar melodies. 



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Deshabillz were a visual kei band lead by vocalist SHUN, writer of all lyrics and creator of the band's concept, "an obscure and melancholic image, painted in gothic-decadent poetry and music." The band's main composer was the talented guitarist SHI-NO, who capable of writing songs in a gothic rock style enriched by baroque song structure. The band name "Deshabillz" comes from French word "déshabillez", meaning devoid/deprived/stripped, which is pronounced "dezabiyé" (day-zah-be-yay).

In 1992, vocalist SHUN formed Deshabillz in Yokohama. He was in the band GUST which can be considered the predecessor of Deshabillz. GUST consisted of the members SHUN (Vocals), You (Guitar), Yuuji (Bass), and Yasu (Drums). GUST disbanded after the only one live they held; it would appear that they had only been active for around a single month. After that live a massive member change occurred and a new band emerged: Deshabillz.

Deshabillz's first lineup was as follows: on guitar were MATSU (then moved to Rafflesia) and FUAY (his current activities are unknown), on bass YUJI (he is now a techno DJ). These members are referred to as the first generation. At that time they had a support drummer, JUN (then he became a formal member, and then joined CANARY). After a year activity MATSU quit the band, bringing them down to a four-man lineup.

In December of 1992, they distributed 500 demonstration tapes (entitled "DEAD FINAL JUNK") and 100 video tapes. In March of 1993, they sold the demonstration tape "Reste la" which was a limited pressing of 100 copies. In addition, the live event "Shinban no Hi" was held in which Deshabillz was the headliner Blanche, Kurishuna and other bands forming the indies Visual scene of Yokohama at the time, also participated. The turnout to these events always exceeded 300 people.

At the start of their formation, they recorded the 1st album "Shinjuusha" on the indies label of KUROYUME "La Miss". Although the album was scheduled for release, in October 1993 bassist YUJI left the band (he then joined Blanche), followed by guitarist FUAY (he joined the band lecheur, then checia, then Sunday Beige). As a result of losing 3 members, it would appear that the release was cancelled. Additionally, they changed labels and signed with Monster EPs. Two new member joined immediately: on bass was HIROSHI (who joined in November of the same year), and guitarist SHI-NO (who joined in December). In the same month of SHI-NO's acquisition, they held a One-man 2 DAYS live at the Yokohama MONSTER, then temporarily stopped activity. During this pause, they announced the video "Uragiri no Chi Butai", which would be limited to 1000 copies. In addition, they contributed the song "Zanzou Yume" to the omnibus CD "NEO-ROCKS" in March of 1994.

In June of 1994 their first album "Shinjuusha" was announced and the band restarted activities. Unfortunately, HIROSHI left the band at the release of the album (he is not featured in the photography, only credited.) Shortly after that, JUN also left the band. SHUN replace them with TOSHIYUKI, a roadie of Deshabillz, as the drummer and Shigure on bass. The second album "Seishin Ridatsusha" was released,as well as the video "Jubaku no Shoumei". At the beginning of 1995, Shigure was hospitalized for an accident and seceeded from the band (he will then join the band CANARY, with ex-Deshabillz drummer JUN). A little anecdote: "Uragiri no Chi Butai" was a song that JUN wrote for Deshabillz, but it seemed like that this song was an important work for him because he eventually covered it in his new band CANARY.

In 1995 Deshabillz participated in various omnibus albums, including two edition of famous "TURN OVER" compilation of Nippon Crown label (EAGLE and CROW versions) with bands like Penicillin, BAISER, Pierrot, ROUAGE, THE DEAD POPSTARS... They also acquired a new bassist named Hizumi. This lineup would prove to be the most stable.

In 1996 they released two new albums simultaneously: "Toumeimayu ~sukashimayu~" and "Hakuga no Tsubasa", under the big Visual Kei indies label Tears Music (part of ENAMELL Records), as well as several singles and videos. In February 1997 they released the best album "~Shakunetsu no Sou~", and finally they signed with a major label: Atlantic East West Japan (part of Warner Music). Then TOSHIYUKI left the band, but was replaced by KAZUKI.Their first major album, "Gekiyaku Kigeki," wass released on September 25th, 1997, followed by the video+single "Rakuten Byousha" in 1998.

Unfortunately, in May 7th, 1998, when Hizumi was driving to attend to the funeral of X-Japan guitarist hide, he got into a car accident and died. Because of this, Deshabillz stopped activities indefinitely; SHUN said that without Hizumi, a Deshabillz revival was impossible. This statement, however, would prove to be false on more than one occasion. A year later, in May 7th 1999, a mask project band of Deshabillz called "Rasen VIRUS" was announced, and released a Hizumi mourning album "Shinjitsu no Omocha Hako" under ENAMELL Records.

SHUN started a solo project called Domestic†Child under indies label ENAMELL/Tears Music in 1999. He released 2 mini-albums: "Yume, Saki ita" (26th May) and "Yume, Saku ita?" (June 23rd), he released a single in 2000 ("Shinzou"). After the end of that solo project, SHUN would remain quiet until 2008. SHI-NO formed a new band, JE*REVIENS with KAZUKI. On vocals there was Asagi (later a member of Syndrome and presently in D). JE*REVIENS released 3 albums and a single, and disbanded in 2000. KAZUKI is now a well-known drummer in Visual Kei scene having joined numerous bands that did fairly well including Dué le quartz, RusH, and most recently Babylon.

While SHUN did state that a Deshabillz revival, the band actually did revive in 2008. As a collaboration with Kisaki (of Phantasmagoria), Deshabillz began activities again and had their material distributed through UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. Their revival single was entitled "Boukansha/Tsumi ni tsuite... ~jitsu no naru ki wa hana kara shireru to oshieyou... yogoreta minna-san ohisashiburi desu, kegareta minna-sama hajimemashite...~" and was released on March 26th, 2008. All of the compositions and productions were done by Kisaki while SHUN wrote the songs' lyrics. On April 23rd of the same year, Deshabillz released a mini-album entitled "Suiseimushi ~Mujou no kaze wa toki o erabazu...kuchiru nara sono mama shitagau koto wa nai...aienkien wa sensu no soui~." While the releases were distributed under the name "Deshabillz," it should be noted that the only member was SHUN--all of the other musicians were support members. Because of this, and from the fact that Kisaki wrote all of the music, many fans consider this to be more of a solo project than a true Deshabillz revival. Additionally, the music written at this time also lost its original flavor and since the main composers were no longer present. The band's last release was a best-of album entitled "伯牙、琴を破る" that contained rerecordings of old songs.

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