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DOPPEL is an experimental visual kei duo consisiting of vocalist Mitsu (Dolly) and guitarist Yuina (World Wrap Word).



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DOPPEL debuted in February of 2013 consisting of Dolly members Mitsu and Yuina (who is now in World Wrap Word). They announced in March 2013 that they would release two singles in April and May and a mini-album in June.

Their first single release, Eggknock, was released on April 4th, 2013 and featured guest musicians aie (the god and the death stars) on guitar and Makoto Takei (cali≠gari) on drums. On May 5th, 2013, they released their second single, Anemθne, and then a month later they released their long awaited mini-album which also featured aie and Makoto Takei as well as seek (Mix Speaker's Inc) on bass.

The band had lives scheduled in June and July, however, two days prior to their first live at Roppongi morph, they made an announcement that they would have to pause activities for some time due to Mitsu's sudden affliction of sensorineural hearing loss. It was decided that the live performances, in-store events, and media appearances would still happen with just Yuina alone.