| アシッドマン

  • 1997 - Present
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  • Active / Major [Label - Virgin Music]

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ACIDMAN started activities in 1997 as a four-man band, but they became a trio after their lead-vocalist left in 1999. Ooki Nobuo took over the vocals and since then the band raised in popularity, resulting in turning major in 2002.



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ACIDMAN is a rockgroup consisting of 3 members. The band started activities in 1997 however when four friends from a military academy in Saitama decided to form a band. Their former vocalist, Shiibashi Takeshi, left the band in 1999, which resulted in their lead guitarist オオキ ノブオ (Ooki Nobuo) becoming their vocalist. Other members are ウラヤマ イチゴ (Urayama Ichigo) on drums and サトウ マサトシ (Satou Masatoshi) on bass. Their sound is often categorized as punk or post-alternative, but they experiment a lot with other, more relaxing, styles of music. Since a few years, the band has re-released numerous older rock-songs under their second-line idea, in which they play these songs in a more jazz/bossa nova approach.

With their first major album on the Toshiba/Emi label, 創 (Sou) they won the Japan Gold Disc Award for best newcomer of 2003. Their second album, Loop, resulted in a big launch tour, coupling them with established names as THE BACK HORN, The band Apart and Husking Bee.

The band has released 20 singles and 9 albums to date. Ooki Nobuo is also responsible for most of the bands' cover designs.


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