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downy is a post-rock band that started activities in 2000. The band released four albums up untill their hiatus in July 2004. Since November 2013, the band is back from this hiatus and celebrated it with their fifth album later that same month



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downy is a post-rock band that started activities in 2000. The band was founded by 青木ロビン (Aoki Robin) on vocals and guitar. The other members are 青木裕 (Aoki Yutaka) on guitar, 仲俣和宏 (Nakamata Kazuhiro) on bass, 秋山隆彦 (Akiyama Takahito) on drums, and 柘榴 (Zakuro) for the live visual effects. In their first years, the band was very active, releasing a a total of 4 albums between May 2001 and July 2004, all called 無題 (mudai) although it became clear which album was the first, second, third or fourth in the albums prefixes. All of a sudden the band announced that they were going on a indefinite hiatus in October 2004.

During this hiatus the members stayed active in the music business, participating with other bands or composing music. Aoki Robin for example had a great deal to do with THE NOVEMBERS, where as Yutaka Aoki joined the rock band unkie in the meantime, while also produce songs for bands as Kuroyume, LEO今井 (Leo Imai) and Morrie. 

Nine years later, on 1st October 2013, downy announced their reunion with a special concert in 1st of November in Okinawa. They also announced their fifth album, yet again called 無題, to be released on the 20st of november.

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