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DIV is a four member visual kei band formed by ex-xTRiPx members Shogo and Chobi. They held their first live in April 2012. 



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DIV is a visual kei band signed to Danger Crue Records comprised of Chisa (Vocals), Shogo (Guitar), Chobi (Bass), and Satoshi (Drums). The band was previously known as 企画もの(kikakumono), a session band formed by ex-xTRiPx members Shogo and Chobi. As band activities increased, they officially debuted as DIV in April 2012. 

They released their first mini-album, 無題のドキュメント(mudai no document), on April 25, 2012. Several singles followed which eventually led up to the release of their first full-length album ZERO ONE on October 23, 2013.

DIV, along with 9 other bands, covered 妄想日記(mousou nikki) by シド(SID) for their 10th anniversary. 

February 2014 will mark the release of 2 new maxi-singles from the band entitled BUTTERFLY DREAMER and you.
Their newest single, 漂流彼女 (Hyouryuu kanojo), was released on May 7, 2014. Shortly after, they announced yet another new maxi-single to be released on August 28, 2014 entitled Point of view.

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