about tess

  • 2004 - Present
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  • Active / Indies [Label - Virgin Babylon Records]

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about tess

about tess is an instrumental post-rock band, consisting of 6 members. They got 2 guitarists, 2 bass-players and 2 drummers to create a wall of sound with interminably repeated riffs and rhythms overlapping each other.

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about tess started activities in 2004, after the band KULU/KULU disbanded and some of their members formed about tess. They started performing live in the autumn of 2005 with hosting their own shows. Highlight that year was their performance in August in Shinjuku MARZ, when the band performed for 4 straight hours. Two months later they released their first album SWAN SONG. A second album, beautiful, was released in 2008.

To create their unique sound of overlapping riffs and rhythms, the band consists of 6 members. Two guitarists (TAKUTO and KAZUYA), two bass-players (KANZ and MIYA-KEN) and two drummers (TETSURO and DKO)

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