Plastic Tree

| プラトゥリ

  • 1993 - Present
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  • Active / Major [Label - Flying Star]

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Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree is a visual kei rock band, formed in December 1993 in Chiba Prefecture. They released their first mini-album in December 1995, and in 1997 they released their first single on a major label.



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Members Ryutaro Arimura (有村 竜太朗)  and  Tadashi Hasegawa (長谷川 正) met in the early 1990's while in different bands. Tadashi had come to know Ryutaro since a member in each of their current bands were brothers. One evening Tadashi decided to attend one of Ryutaro's lives. He felt their musical tastes and style were very similar so in December of 1993 they formed the band CAM-FLAGE. Later on they changed the name to NTT FUCKS and then finally to Plastic Tree. There's much speculation that the name came from the song "Fake Plastic Tree" by Radiohead. The band has admitted heavy influances from Radiohead but said they chose the name based on "something abstract and natural at the same time", as Ryutaro puts it. One of Ryutaro's former band mates, Akira Nakayama (ナカヤマ アキラ), joined the line up as well as a drummer named Koji. However, Koji was replaced 6 months later by a new drummer named Shin. In May of 1994 the band performed their first live at CLUB GIO in Ichikawa. This would be the site of many of their live gig's till their first tour and mini album release, Strange fruits -奇妙な果実-, in December 1995 with GIO RECORDS.

Shin played his last gig with the band in Kumagaya Voyage and was replaced with Takashi Oshodani (大正谷 隆) a month later. In July their official fanclub "Jellyfish Breed" was launched (the club was later re-named "Sickroom" in 2000 and then back to "Jellyfish Breed" in 2004). Their first major album, Hide and Seek, released in July of 1997 followed by a tour. It wasn't until their secont album, Puppet Show, they felt established as a band. This proved to be short lived as Takashi decided to leave the band in 2001 leaving the remaining members to hold auditions for a new Drummer. Hiroshi Sasabuchi (ササブチ ヒロシ)  was hired as a temporary support member in March of 2002 before being accepted as an official member in July of that year. Unfortunately Hiroshi still would not mark their final drummer. After seven years Hiroshi announced his resignation as the band's drummer on February 23, 2009. On July 3, 2009, Kenken Sato (佐藤 ケンケン) was announced as the band's new drummer. Since forming, the band has had four drummers.

Early in their career, their music had heavy visual kei influences. As time went on, their sound seemed to change and evolve with every album. Plastic Tree combine alternative rock with art rock, electronic, and heavy metal. Their sound is a blend of raw melody, with the occasional orchestral backing track. However, the band does not think that they should be placed into any specific genre. Plastic Tree claim that their sound has been considerably influenced by British bands such as Radiohead and The Cure.

The most easily recognizable signature of Plastic Tree's music is the melodic, childlike voice of Ryutaro Arimura. Their sound is also aided by Arimura's abstract lyrics. All four band members collaborate to write songs and lyrics, with Ryutaro writing most of the lyrics.

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