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MY FIRST STORY is signed to INTACT RECORDS through which they released their first album in early 2012. While a few of its members are also part of the band fromus, vocalist Hiro is known for being the younger brother of ONE OK ROCK's vocalist Taka.



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While it would seem they haven't been around for long, MY FIRST STORY (MFS) is steadily moving its way around the Japanese underground rock scene. After releasing their first and self-titled album back in 2012, they followed it up with a festival filled summer, and preparations for what would turn to be their second album "THE STORY IS MY LIFE." Soon after the release of the latter, MFS went into the studio again, recording their first single "最終回STORY" (Saishuukai Story). It was a three track single, including a ballad written by Hiro for a wedding he'd attented before. The single release comes with an additional DVD with footage of their "THE STORY IS MY LIFE:" Tour Final at Shibuya's Club Quattro.

MY FIRST STORY is signed to INTACT RECORDS as the label's first band. They are set to release their first official tour DVD later this year.

Members: Hiro (Vocals), Teru (Guitar), Masack (Drums), Sho (Guitar), & K-MASA (Bass)

The band's vocalist Moriuchi Hiroki, known in the band as Hiro, is the younger brother of ONE OK ROCK vocalist Taka. Just as his older brother, he used to be a trainee at JE. In 2013, he was featured as guest vocals on Nano's theme single for the anime series "Arpeggio of Blue Steel."

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