Another Story

  • 2008 - Present
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Another Story

Another Story is INTACT RECORDS' second post-hardcore band, fronted by half Japanese/Caucasian vocalist KeiGo. Lyrics for the band's songs are usually written in English. They released their first official EP "Signs" in August 2013.



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Another Story (AS) started their career back in June 2008 as a three piece band consisting out of KeiGo, K-Masa, and Hero. While taking on a "world" concept, AS fixed their own style and sound as a hybrid between Japanese and Western rock music.

The band's career fully started in 2009, with their first performances around Tokyo. Full activities started two years later, in February 2011, with an appearance on a local TV and radio station in LA, as well as a performance in front of 300 people. Arriving back home from the United States, the members immediately started recording for their first EP, "From the Bottom of the World." A year later they were joined by Yusuke, and released their second EP, "Day to Remember." To commemorate its release, AS went on a nationwide tour, holding the tour final at Shibuya.

With a new year came a new member, Aki, dropping the need for support members. After finally solidifying their five member line-up, preparations for their first official release on the INTACT RECORDS label were put into process. They are the label's second band after MY FIRST STORY.

Another Story released "Signs" in August 2013.

Members: KeiGo (Vocals), Hero (Guitar), Aki (Drums), Yusuke (Guitar), & K-MASA (Bass)

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