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  • 2005 - Present
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  • Active / Major [Label - A-Sketch]

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ONE OK ROCK is a four member band, currently consisting out of vocalist Taka, guitarist Toru, bassist Ryota, and drummer Tomoya. They are signed to Amuse's A-sketch and have released six albums to date.



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ONE OK ROCK (OOR) came to life around 2006 when Yamashita Toru, a high school student, got the idea to start a band. He called in help from his friends, fellow HEADS member Kohama Ryota, Alex Onizawa, and classmate Koyanagi Yu (known as Tomo). Tomoya soon replaced member Tomo, as the latter opted for an acting career instead. At the time, Morita Takahiro (Taka) was a vocalist for a band called Chivalry of Music. Upon invitation from the band's leader Toru, Taka joined forces with what would turn to be OOR instead.

The five piece got its name from "one o'clock," the time at which they used to practice their songs. Because of Japanese pronunciation, the o'clock became o'crock, and was then eventually stylized as ONE OK ROCK. Both the "one o'crock" and "one o.k rock" pronuciations are used by fans and the band alike. They released their first music prior to their major debut in the form of two separate EP's.

OOR released a first single "内秘心書" (Naihi Shinso) in 2007, making its official debut through Amuse's record label A-sketch. After a few singles, the members released their first full length album, "ゼイタクビョウ" (Zeitakubyou) the same year. A sophomore album, "Beam of Light," was revealed a couple of months later, while a third one, "感情エフェクト" (Kanjou Effect) was also released shortly after the previous one. OOR is known to consider "Beam of Light" a transition album rather than part of the full discography, and has refrained from performing any of the songs on their live shows ever since its promotions were over.

Early 2009 OOR went on a bumpy ride, losing their guitarist Alex after a sexual harassment scandal. While everything was settled out of court, the band's upcoming single and nationwide tour were cancelled. The members didn't make a return to the music scene till February 2010, when their next single "完全感覚dreamer" (Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer) was released. A fourth album, "Nicheシンドローム" (Niche Syndrome) came out the same year.

From there on out OOR managed to get a steadily growing fanbase, which only ended up increasing in numbers with the addition of the double A-side single "Re:make/No Scared," from which the second track was chosen as a theme song for the Black Rock Shooter video game. A fifth album, "残響リファレンス" (Zankyou Reference), came right before the band was given another tie-in, now performing the theme song for the Rurouni Kenshin Live Action movie. "The Beginning" is still their best selling single to date.

OOR's latest album, "人生x僕=," was released early 2013. The band has been touring around the world since its release, and will be starting preparations for their first ever American shows soon.

Members: Taka (Vocals, ’88), Toru (Guitar & Leader, ’88), Ryota (Bass, ’89) and Tomoya (Drums, ’87)

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