me-al art

| ミールアート

  • 1999 - Present
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  • Active / Indies [Label - fenice]

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me-al art

me-al art is female fronted indie-rock band that formed in 1999, but with it's current line-up since 2003, when Satoko joined as their vocalist. Their sound is best described as a mixture between pop and rock, with very strong vocals. me-al art has released two singles and three albums to date.



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In January 1999 bass-player 渡辺雅典 (Masanori Watanabe) and drummer 本多直樹 (Naoki Honda) decided to form a band. It never really got from the ground, untill over a year later they asked 海老沢宏克 (Ebisawa Hirokatsu) to join the band as their guitar-player. In 2001 they really started doing lives, and produced their first demo, called 『フィルム』 (FILM). It was not untill 2003 before the band took shape the way we know them today. 川崎里子  (Kawasaki Satoko) joined the band as their vocalist and they released a second demo, 『奏色描音』(soushoku byouto).

In 2004 the band signed under the indie-label COCK ROACH and released their first full-fledged single 『エレジー』 (elegy), which contained three songs. This turned out to be quite a success as it ranked the Oricon Indies Singles Chart TOP20, a treat not many bands accomplish with their debut-release. When COCK ROACH dissolved in 2005, the band signed with another indie label, fenice, under which they are signed even now. Their first single under fenice was 『夢に咲く花』 (yume ni saku hana), released in March 2006, and they've released three albums in the following years, 『ヘメロカリス』 (hemerocallis) in 2007, 『exist』 in 2008 and 『生まれてきたけれど』 (umareta kite keredo) in 2010.

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