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  • Active / Major [Label - FIREWALL DIV.]

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sukekiyo is the solo project of DIR EN GREY's Kyo (京). Not much information is known about the project or group of musicians.



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sukekiyo is a side project launched by Kyo (京) of DIR EN GREY. They came to be known after opening their website on October 31, 2013. There was no additional information on the band at the time in reguards to the member line-up, releases or live shows, only a silhouetted band photo leaving many to speculate. Mid November the band announced their first live as the opening act for Sugizo's live tour  "THRIVE TO REALIZE" on December 29th and the “rockin'on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14” on December 30th. Their only EP, the daemon's cutlery, was sold on site only during their first live shows along with various other merchandise. The member line-up was still unannounced by the first live but many concert goer's tweeted the line up as Kyo from DIR EN GREY as vocals, Takumi (匠) (ex RENTRER EN SOI) on guitar/piano, UTA (ex 9GOATS BLACK OUT) on violin and second guitar, YUCHI from kannivalism as upright bass and Mika (未架) (ex RENTRER EN SOI) on drums. This line up was confirmed via the band's website on December 30th, 2013 with the anouncement of their first PV "aftermath" being release on iTunes January 1st, 2014. The PV displayed a new style and sound quite different and yet familiar from what we've normally come to expect from Kyo. He describes "aftermath" as "a video that will show you the beauty that lies within distortion". No other information is available so far for future lives or schedules releases.

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