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  • Disbanded / Indies [Label - dalli]

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9GOATS BLACK OUT was a self produced visual kei rock band formed in December of 2007. The band was signed with their independent label, Dalli and European lable CLJ Records. Their sound is best described as a type of heavy melancholy but many songs boarder into metal or electronic. 



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9GOATS BLACK OUT was formed in Niigata by uta and Hati in late 2007. Ryo was added as vocals after he met the two doing album cover design work. Their independent lable, dalli, and the official website were launched on December 24, 2007 followed by the release their debut EP devils in bedside which received very positive reviews. The followed up with their first single, "Sleeping Beauty" in September 2008. Their original line up included ryo as vocalist, uta on guitar and Hati on bass. Their original support drummer, aki, left the band in spring of 2010 and was replaced by Atsuto (篤人) in 2010. They were also supported by drummer takumi from 2010 till disbandment and keyboards/programming by akaya. Akaya stepped down in 2012 citing health issues.

The band played, and sold out, their first one-man concert titled “Bright garden” at Shibuya BOXX on April 11, 2009. They then held four additional one-man concerts as a tour in May. November 25, 2009 the band entered the studio to record the first full-length album, TANATOS, and went on hiatus till 2010. During this hiatus the band continued performing at various concerts with different bands under the name "Baphomet", playing 9GOATS BLACK OUT songs with the addition of Hiroshi Sasabuchi (ex-Plastic Tree) on drums. After TANATOS was released in March 2010, the band went on a two man tour with cocklobin and had a oneman concert titled The Orphee on May 7th.

The band officially came off of hiatus in January 2011 and began a new tour, "Melancholy Pool". Mid 2011 Takumi was announced as the official support drummer. They put out two more singles, "Draw" on November 9, 2011 and "Karte" on February 14, 2012. Their last original album, "Calling" was release in December 2012 with news of their plans to disband. They announced two final concerts for January and February 2013. Their last concert took place at 赤坂BLITZ on February 9th 2013. Akaya joined once more for the final concerts.  

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