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  • 2006 - Present
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ACRYLICSTAB was formed by Ryudai Abe and UYU in 2006.



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ACRYLICSTAB is a Japanese pop-rock duo consisting of the vocalist UYU and guitarist / programmer 阿部隆大 (Ryudai Abe). The band formed in 2006 and all of their releases were being distributed by Philosonide Factory, Ryudai's own label. Besides being active in ACRYLICSTAB, both members are busy with personal works. UYU writes a lot of music for television productions and anime as Minami-ke and the Otome Shitsu-ji series. Ryudai Abe also works as a solo-artist. and has released multiple albums and sample-discs throughout the years. As ACRYLICSTAB the band featured on the tracklist of the 2013 PlayStation 3 game Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky-OST Twilight Sky.


Their name ACRYLICSTAB derives from the words acrylic and stab, in which they mean their music stings the people in their hearts. Their music is catchy though it is characterized by aggressive, painful lyrics 

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