About Deadeyes-star.com

Deadeyes-star.com was established way back in 2005 as a random domain to host random graphic and web projects by sole owner "Manda". In 2007, current developer "Kai" joined the staff team as co-owner in development of a dynamic J-Rock database. Unfortunately during this process the site went vacant for many years till the the pair decided to pick things back up mid 2011 with a custom CMS in development. As a side project, DS hung around in varying states of progression till a few large developments in late 2012 brough new hope to seeing the project through. February 2013 marked a first hand glimpse of the site with a design layout decided. By fall of 2013 a final CMS system had been established and the real building began. The site was finally open to public view by December 30th, 2013. 
Deadeyes-star contines in it's progression towards being the most complete and dynamic Japanese music database.